2018: A Space(ship Game) Odyssey

This project didn't start out as my thesis.

In fact, my Master's thesis project for the University of Connecticut started out as something much more personal and emotional. A story about loss and grief. And that's a topic I still hold close to my heart, and that I expect I'll come back to sometime in the future. However, I wasn't feeling quite as invested in it as I had hoped. It was a very story-heavy project, and aside from the emotional exhaustion that comes along with working on something personal, I just felt that the project wasn't giving me the satisfaction I wanted out of a thesis project.

I started questioning this more when I had a bit of free time and started working on an asymmetrical VR multiplayer space shooter by the clever and original name of MultiplayerVRSpaceshipGame. One player in VR, playing against a couple on a screen. A concept that's a little different from most games out there, and that was consistently fun to test. I found myself turning back to this project again and again, even when I probably should've been working on my thesis project. One of my friends recommended I switch my thesis project to the spaceship game, which I rejected the first couple times. After all, it would be giving up if I switched, right?

I mulled it over for several weeks, and spent a weekend and a couple days trying to figure out exactly why I was having so much more fun working on a game with very little story and "meaning" outside of being a fun experience. And at one point, it just kind of hit me. I realized that telling a story wasn't really what I wanted for my project. What I really wanted was to make a mechanically tight, fun experience, and storytelling was just getting in the way of that.

So I switched over to this project.

And here we are. The focus is to make a game that's engaging and enjoyable, and makes use of the possibility for super interesting local multiplayer gameplay utilizing a VR headset. This project is a combination of my love of both VR and couch co-op, and I'm excited to see what the rest of the world thinks about it.


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