Status Update: Still in hibernation, possible update in the near future

Hey all! It's been a while!

So, my last update was about a year and two months ago. Given the recent slight rise in popularity of the game (almost definitely due to Ben Plays VR's YouTube video; thanks Ben!) I figured I'd let everyone know where the game currently stands.

Nova Swarm has been on a pretty long hiatus for several reasons. The main reason is that I'm working on another much larger game project that just launched in Early Access full-time with a wonderful team of people. (For those interested, the project is called Wildermyth: The other reason is that Nova Swarm doesn't make any money and doesn't have a huge following, so I haven't felt particulary compelled to work on it. (That's also why I haven't put in networking yet; it's mostly functional aside from some unfortunate lag, but the cost of the networking servers I'd use would mean I'd just be losing money from the game.)

That said, I've recently been looking at Springboard VR and the way they provide a platform to bring VR games into VR arcades, and I'm planning on polishing up the game a bit for that. Because my other game launched recently and that's eating up all my time, I'm not positive when I'll get to that. I'm estimating I'll get back to working on it within the month? But then, I said networking would be ready in a couple months over a year ago, so no promises. If Springboard VR starts bringing in revenue (or I make the game cost some amount of money once it's more polished), we'll see where we can go from there.

Ideally, I'd love to add new maps and gamemodes, new abilities, etc. but that's probably much further out.

Anyway, that's the update! Stay spacey, y'all.

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