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Do you love cats? Of course you do!

CatSim is a super simple VR cat experience that was created over the course of about two weeks for Christmas for my significant other when she wasn't looking. It includes some (11) cats that walk around to random places in a park and do some random things. There are no goals, just cats.


  • Move your controller on a cat to pet it. Cats you're petting will generally stay where they are.
  • Use the trigger to pick up cats. They always land on their feet, as is written in the tome of Generic Cat Lore.
  • Use the touchpad to create a treat. Cats will come over to eat treats. Treats can be thrown if your hand has momentum when releasing the touchpad.
  • You can relocate the playspace by holding the menu and grip buttons at the same time and then moving your controller and releasing. The world will update to its new position on release, and the new position will be saved for the next time you open the game. This was created specifically because the in-game bench was made to line up with a couch in the real world, and I wanted an easy way to line it up properly. Might be useful if you're playing near a couch you want to more realistically sit on!

Fun Facts

  • All the meows are recordings of our cat that I took within the two-week period. He's loud and annoying, but also very cute.
  • The cat asset used in game is Cu Cat 2 on the Unity asset store.
  • The rest of the assets were free, and include 3D Scanned Rocks 1, Nature Starter Kit 2, and Parks and Nature Pack - Lite.
  • VRTK was used for the VR aspects of things.
  • This game might possibly work on Oculus and Windows Mixed Reality? I have no way to test that, so let me know if you give it a try with one of those! (I may have made some things Vive-specific, so there's a good chance some things will work and other won't)
  • Due to the default simulator that VRTK comes with, this game can technically be played without a VR headset. It won't be nearly as fun, but you can still watch the cats roam around if you're curious and don't have VR.
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
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Made withHTC Vive, Unity
TagsCasual, Cats, Non violent, Relaxing, Unity, Virtual Pet, Virtual Reality (VR)
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsHTC Vive


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can you play this not in vr


Try it out! I doubt you'll be able to interact with anything, but you should still be able to watch the cats roam around if you're interested.


I got this for my little sister to play and she loves it!


Great, glad to hear it!